Climate Video Games

Many games address climate change in a variety of ways. Here are few to help you brainstorm. (We obviously do not expect you to develop a game of this quality in just 3 weeks. These examples are intended to help brainstorm a range of ways you could engage the theme.)

Eco - Build society to destroy a meteor while protecting the environment 

Review (#1 Game) | Trailer

Mission 1.5 - Climate Policy Mobile Game 

Read UN Article

Play the Game (Free)

Endling - Extinction is Forever (BAFTA award winner)

Learn about Empathy Games | Read Review

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) - Puzzle Platformer | Inupiat Native Alaskan Culture  | Review | Watch 

See more ideas in this review of Green Video Games or this review by The Verge. Your game might be educational and teach about climate misinformation, model climate negotiations, document cultures (see here too, but please do not engage in cultural appropriation) or species threatened by climate change, directly engage policy-makers, or provide visions of the future climate (utopian or dystopian or everything in between). Maybe your game wants to question the sustainability of the gaming industry itself! 

Ocean Games

Just as there are many ways to engage climate change, here are some ideas about engaging the Oceans theme in your video games. (Again, these examples are intended to show some different ways of engaging the theme. You are not limited to these approaches.) 

Beyond Blue - Ocean exploration 

Watch NC State Playthru & Discussion

Koral - "A love letter to the ocean"

Watch| Read Review

We Need to Go Deeper - Cooperative Roguelike 

Read More | Watch

Silt - Puzzle horror

Trailer | Read More

You could also consider a diving game like Abzu; games that involve a flooded world, like Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker or Floodland; a game where you play as a sea creature eating others, as in Flow; or a game on the surface exploring the water and its resources like Dredge.  

Game Building Resources

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Left: Game Maker's Tookit Channel - Videos on design, levels, production, and hosts of the annual GMTK Jam! (with lots of advice and resources)

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United Nations Green Game Jam 

Supercell 2023 UNEP Choice Winner for Boom Beach